Food Brands I <3

Whenever I can, I like to make my own food so I know exactly what’s in it, and can make it just how I like it. That way, I’ll be tempted to reach for more (and more and more).

But hey, I have a job and in an attempt to not be a hermit, I am forced to leave my house (and therefore my kitchen) from time to time. And as such, I can’t always cook every last thing for myself.

Therefore, it is SUCH a relief and point of excitement for me when I find a company or person willing to make something for me that fits my food philosophies. So here, I’ll be sharing, and would love to hear from you about, packaged foods out there that fall within a whole foods, plant-based diet.

These foods can be tricky to find because so many food and snack companies are so very good at tricking you with their words. Dang marketers…I work in marketing, btw.

For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read, “ALL NATURAL” on the front only to flip it over and find sugar listed on the ingredient label in ten different ways. It’s not their fault – everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion on what natural means. Even the FDA hasn’t decided on that yet. But personally, I’ve decided that when you extract or concentrate only the sugar from a fruit, it’s no longer natural…so, sorry ‘things sweetened with agave, maple syrup, or any type of fruit concentrate’…we’ll have to part ways for now.

When I evaluate packaged goods, I do so solely based on the ingredients. I’m sure many could disagree and have good reason for it, but personally, I see no need to read through the stats. If it’s made from real whole foods, and also manages to be free of dairy, meat, and added sugar, I’m on board. If you agree with this philosophy, let’s start sharing our favorites!