No-Added-Sugar Sweets

My mom loves to bake, and I strive to be more like her in every way I can, so therefore, I LOVE TO BAKE! You can imagine my disappointment when sugar and dairy were cut from my repertoire. Adding to my pain was the fact that whenever I found a recipe claiming to be sugar free, somehow maple syrup, honey, or some fruit concentrate still seemed to make it into the ingredient list.

But, guess what I found out!? After months and months of concocting, testing, failing, and re-concocting, I have determined it is in fact possible to make tolerable and dare I say craveable desserts without a drop of refined sugar, fruit concentrates, juices, honey, or maple syrup. The only source of sugar here is fruit – fruit in its entirety (skin, fiber, juice and all). Welcome to whole, plant-based, no sugar added desserts!