C. Differently

Ever heard of C. Diff? Let me tell you, it’s the sh!ts

But it seems that sometimes really great things can come from really sh!tty experiences and for me, suffering and then healing from C. Diff was one of those beautiful silver lining stories.

For over a year, I was really sick. Like, weight-spiraling, stomach hurts too much to even drink water, cancel all your plans sick. I’m putting this here because when I was struggling with C. Diff and then what was medically labeled, “postinfectious IBS,” I tried really really hard to find stories like this on the internet. Rather than being able to join my friends at dinners and wine nights, Google became my new BFF, as I continuously searched for someone’s IBS tale that would offer me the solution I pleaded and prayed for. Instead, what I found was thread after thread of people endlessly suffering through IBS. As months passed, my ability to hope for “normal” became weaker and I became sicker. The threads continued to recount stories like mine without any one ever returning to say, “Guys, guess what – I got better!” So if you’re reading this, and are so desperately looking for hope for yourself or someone you love, this is here for you, because guess what?

Guys, I got better!

And along the way, I discovered the most beautiful relationship with real, whole, plant-based foods and how they could heal my wonderfully powerful body.

Everyone’s IBS struggle is different and I know I can’t claim a cure, but what I can offer is my path to recovery – a path that I have come to believe in so strongly for both the sick and healthy. If you’re suffering like I was, I know you’ve already tried a lot, but I eagerly challenge you to try just one more approach because maybe there’s a shiny silver lining just waiting for you too.