Meet Kristie

Hi, I’m Kristie. I like normal things like sports, country music, laughing, and being outside.
Oh, and I’m obsessed with veggies!

In my mid-twenties, I found myself in the hospital with appendicitis, which led to me taking antibiotics, which led to me contracting C. Diff, which led to a post-infectuous IBS battle, which led me to the most beautiful new relationship with real, whole foods.  

After over a year of trying to get my IBS under control through countless tests, medications, IBS diet experimentation, and tears, I finally found the healing power I was ferociously searching for. Through books, documentaries, a lot of research, and some serious nudging from a foodie BFF, I learned a whole new outlook on food and what plant-based foods could do for my wounded body. I cut out all the processed junk, I stopped eating sugar and dairy, I nearly eliminated meat, and I filled my plates with piles and piles of delicious plants that I couldn’t get enough of, like veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. 

I wasn’t predisposed to any of this: I didn’t particularly like cooking and I basically lived for my evening dessert. So I was pretty shocked to see how hard I could fall for farmers’ markets, dicing and sautéing, and a whole new world of plant-based flavors. Through this process, me and veggies became a team and with each bite of food I felt as though I was finally working with my body rather than so spitefully against it. I’ve experienced that there’s a connection to be had with the foods that nature provides us – even if it’s a cheesy thing to say! And I’ve come to truly believe in the power of whole, plant-based foods for both the sick and the healthy. 

It’s my hope is that others can have this really cool experience too. If you’re struggling with IBS or GI woes, I hope this becomes a place where you find useful resources and a renewed energy in your battle. At the very least, if you’ve stumbled upon this site, I hope you find a recipe that allows you to enjoy at least one really good bite of kale.


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